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Give your google doc a custom URL

Default google docs urls look like this: docs.google.com/document/d/1suEETCorh3FAgWKNjSa50RTH3RAHNu7wrN8s

Impossible to remember or type, and ugly to share 😠

With HandbookPls, you can even use your own domain name! 🙋

Add tabs to your googledocs

Google Sheets have tabs, but for some reason we never got them on docs 😠

Now you can add tabs that can link anywhere you like - other docs, a website, a whatsapp group, anything! 🙋


Use Google Analytics, SimpleAnalytics, or whatever else you fancy

Integrated Donation Request

Pretty donation popups (powered by MoneyPls) that let your visitors support your project

Sharing Meta Tags

Make your Google Doc stand out when people share it on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. by changing the icon, banner image, title, and description

SEO *premium

HandbookPls will render your Google Doc as a search indexable page when search robots load it. This means you’ll show up in Google Search even if your page is a Google Doc.

Session Timeout *premium

If your Google Doc gets really popular, it will be rate-limited by Google. You can set a timeout for the document which stops people’s sessions after they’ve been inactive for a while.

See some examples:

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